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Dudes of the Day

Pitcher — Christopher Meitzner: 7IP, 10K

Hitter — Reese Durand: 4-4, HR, 2B, 3 RBI | Brock Martin: 2-3, 2 3B, 3 RBI | Justin Hernandez: 2-3, 2B, HR | Hayden Parker: 2-2, HR, 2B, 3 RBI | Spencer Henson: 3-4, HR, 4 RBI in Game 1 | Colton Obertheir: 3-4, HR, 3B, 3 RBI in Game 1


In the battle of the Angels, the San Antonio Angels knocked off the Columbia Angels, 5-2, in Game 1 at OU. Mason Corbettthrew a complete game striking out three and allowing two runs. Corbett was named pitcher of the gameJordon Billupswent 1-2 with a triple and two RBIs on his way to hitter of the game.

D-BAT Dean defeated Dallas Tigers Arias, 5-4, in Game 2 at OU. Colton Brasher threw 5.1 innings and struck out four on his way to pitcher of the game. Colton Obertheir was a double short of the cycle as he went 3-4 (1B, 3B, HR) with 3 RBIs. Obertheir was named hitter of the game.

In Game 3 at OU, the Columbia Angels defeated Dallas Tigers Watten, 6-1. Pitcher of the game was Brandon Porter who threw six innings and struck out four with one run allowed. Hitter of the game was Peter Geib who went 2-3 with one double and two RBIs. Also to note, DBU commit MD Johnson hit 96 MPH on the radar gun.

Game 4 at OU ended in a 5-3 victory for Midwest Nationals Grey over Twelve 16U Silver. Clay Aguilar threw three innings and struck out two with one earned run to pick up pitcher of the gameRhett McCall went 2-3 with one RBI and one run scored on his way to hitter of the game.

Midwest Elite completed a 8-run comeback in the bottom of the 7th inning to end in a 13-13 tie with Fort Worth Cats 16U Black in Game 5 at OU. Austin Lambert hit a three-run double with two outs in the last inning to cap the comeback. Lambert was 1-3 with that double and three RBIs to pick up hitter of the game.


D-BAT Robertson beat Oklahoma Fuel 16U, 5-1, in Game 1 at OSU. Heston KjerstadBraxton Fulford and Grant French all had RBI doubles for D-BAT. Paul Ryan Johnson went 2-2 with one double, one walk, one stolen base, and one run scored on his way to hitter of the game. On the mound, Luke SkaggsJake PfeifferMorgan McCloudTyler Navarro, and Clay Shermancombined for seven innings, seven strikeouts, and no walks. Sherman struck out three on 11 pitches in his one inning of work and was named pitcher of the game.

In Game 2 at OSU, Amarillo Titans defeated Fort Worth Cats White, 11-5. Oscar Guerra went 2-2 with one RBI and one run scored. Stetson Rios went 3-4 with one double, two RBIs, and three runs scored on his way to hitter of the gameNoah Barlett and Rowdy Vaughn combined for five scoreless innings with two strikeouts a piece. Both Bartlett and Vaughn were named pitchers of the game.

Wichita Reds beat Action Baseball 2018 White, 10-6, in Game 3 at OSU. On the mound, Christopher Meitzner threw a complete game striking out 10 with five earned runs. Meitzner was named pitcher of the gameAaron Bechtel went 2-3 with one double, one RBI, one stolen base, and two runs scored. Action’s Justin Hernandez went 2-3 with one double and one home run. Hernandez had three RBIs with two runs scored and was named hitter of the game.

Sandlot defeated Airhogs, 9-5, in Game 4 at OSU. Dominick Woodley went 1-1 with one double, two walks, and three RBIs. Airhogs’ Brock Martin went 2-3 with two triples and three RBIs. Both Woodley and Martin were named hitters of the game.

BBA Titans knocked off Oklahoma Fuel 17U, 8-5, in Game 5 at OSU. Phillip Scott and Dylan Russell both went 2-3 with two RBIs and were named hitters of the game.

The scene at OSU after the final game of the I-35 Series.

The scene at OSU after the final game of the I-35 Series.

Oklahoma Christian

In Game 1 at Oklahoma Christian, Houston Select Baseball defeated Fort Worth Cats 16U Black, 11-7. Avery Ortiz went 3-4 with one double and was named hitter of the gameDylan Pullig threw two innings and struck out five. Pulling was namedpitcher of the game.

Dallas Tigers Woods beat Sandlot, 11-4, in Game 2 at Oklahoma Christian. William Adair went 2-3 with one double and two RBIs to pick up hitter of the gamePitcher of the game was Ryan Vilade who threw four innings and struck out just as many (4).

BBA Titans bested Twelve 17U Maroon, 10-9, in Game 3 at Oklahoma Christian. Phillip Scott went 2-3 with one double and one RBI. Spencer Henson went 3-4 with one home run and four RBIs to pick up hitter of the game.

Game 4 at Oklahoma Christian ended in a 4-4 tie between Action Baseball 2016 White and D-BAT Dean. D-BAT’s Blake Dean was named hitter of the game after going 2-3 with one RBI.

Putnam City HS

Arlington Heat beat Dallas Tigers Watten, 6-4, in Game 1 at Putnam City HS. Hitter of the game was Matt Stoner who went 2-4 with two RBIs.

In Game 2 at Putnam City HS, Oklahoma Fuel 17U defeated Action Baseball 2016 White, 9-6. Mason Ross went 1-3 with one triple and three RBIs. Justin Cooke went 2-3 with one triple and one RBI. Both Ross and Cooke were named hitters of the game.

Houston Select Baseball beat the Oklahoma Fuel 16U, 7-6, in Game 3 at Putnam City HS. Hayden Parker went 2-2 with one home run, one double, three RBIs, and two runs scored for the Fuel. Josh Lamb went 2-2 with one run scored for Select. Both Parker and Lamb were named hitters of the game.

D-BAT Schkade defeated BBA Titans, 10-7, in Game 4 at Putnam City HS. Titans’ Sy Snedeker went 2-2 with two RBIs and one run scored. Matt Merrill went 1-3 with a home run. D-BAT’s Reese Durand went 4-4 with an inside-the-park home run, one double, and three RBIs. All three players were named hitters of the game.

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