Chanticleers' favorite 'Backyard Baseball' players and superpowers

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For many baseball players today, the game “Backyard Baseball” brings back so many childhood memories. It's a game filled with professional baseball players along with fictional characters as well.

A cool feature in the game is the usage of power-ups. These game-changing items were engraved in our minds when playing the game as we could only hope to draw a good one. With the College World Series final set between the Arizona Wildcats and the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers, let's see what players from Coastal would choose as their go to power-up, via

OF Chris Owings:

Preferred baseball super power: “I’d want the aluminum power bat – every time I touch the ball, I want it to leave the park.”

Favorite Backyard Baseball player: “Pablo Sanchez, Pablo Sanchez absolutely. He raked. He was a five-tool player, can't go wrong there.”

3B Zach Remillard:

Super power: “I think I’d go with telepathy – so I could know what pitch is coming, know if the other team is going to bunt, that sort of thing. You sort of have the game at your finger tips if you know what’s coming.”

Favorite Backyard Baseball Player: "All of them."

OF Anthony Marks

Super power: “Definitely super strength. I don’t have any home runs yet, so I’m definitely trying to join everyone else on our team and hit some home runs.”

Favorite Backyard Baseball player: Kenny Kawaguchi

SP Andrew Beckwith:

Preferred baseball superpower: “Super strength, like Thor. I’d just want to throw as fast as I possibly can.”

It's only fitting that Owings would choose the aluminum bat as he has 16 homers on the year and bats cleanup for the Chanticleers. Owings also shows speed of his favorite backyard character Pablo Sanchez. Remillard likes all the guys which makes sense because he's basically a five tool player. Marks likes Kawaguchi, the kid in the wheelchair, which is fitting because they both go fast.

Now, head coach Gary Gilmore had different things to say on the video game.

“You know what, to tell you the truth, I don't think I've ever heard of Backyard Baseball," Gilmore said when asked about who his favorite backyard player was.

We’ll cut you some slack, coach, as you have a big series to prepare for. You can check out Coach Gilmore and his Chanticleers as they take on the Arizona Wildcats in the College World Series finals best-of-three series. Game times are listed below:

Game 1: Monday June 27 at 7:00pm ET

Game 2: Tuesday June 28 at 8:00pm ET

Game 3 (If necessary): June 29 at 8:00pm ET

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