Cubs' Anthony Rizzo and company blend in as tourists in Washington D.C.

Create: 06/13/2016 - 15:59

What does Chicago Cubs All-Star fiirst baseman Anthony Rizzo do in his free time? How about tour the nation's capital with teammate Tim Federowicz and strength and conditioning coach Tim Buss.

The Cubs are visiting Washington D.C. to play the Nationals and there's no better way to kill time in the city than touring the capital of the United States. The trio tried to blend in with the other tourists, but it's clear that they simply stand out from the rest. Rizzo, Buss and Federowicz decided to all wear bright tie-dye shirts saying "I ❤️ DC" on them. The three also donned bucket hats to try and fit in (see photo below).

It seems as if they did pretty well as they saw the important buildings in the government including the Presidential Palace, aka the White House. Rizzo and the visiting Cubs are scheduled to face the Nats in a series starting June 13.

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