Cubs fall from top of power rankings, who takes the lead?

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As the great Bruce Buffer would say, “Aaaannndd Neewwww”.

No, you are not watching a UFC event, but there is a new leader in the baseball rankings. Check out to see who is the new number one!


5. Orioles

4. Indians

3. Cubs

2. Giants

1. Rangers

The red-hot Texas Rangers have surpassed the Cubs in the power rankings becoming the first team other than the Cubs to be ranked number one this season.

The Rangers won their 49th game with a 6-2 victory over the Red Sox on Sunday, and the Giants later matched them with a walk-off victory over the Phillies. Their wins propelled them past the Cubs. The Cubs fell to third due to their poor showing against rival Cardinals and the Marlins.

What’s in store for the top two teams?

For the Rangers, three injuries to starting pitchers (Darvish, Holland, Lewis) doesn’t seem to be effecting them right now with strong performances by Cole Hamels and Nick Martinez. If their bullpen can get can figure out how to not struggle, the Rangers can head into the All-Star break as the team to beat. With seven of their 14 remaining games coming against the terrible Twins, it seems as if they can enter the break on top.

The Giants have just lost twice in the past two weeks! The star-studded rotation has been led by Johnny Cueto as he seems to be picking teams apart. While their offense hasn’t been flamboyant as other teams, they seem to get the job done allowing them to post the best record in the majors since May 11. Might we also add that it is an even calendar year, and as history has told us, this is the Giants favorable year.

You could flip a coin for the number one power ranking between these two teams. It’s fair enough to say that both these teams are legitimate title contenders. Only time will tell if the Rangers and Giants can stay hot and healthy and maybe give fans a World Series rematch from 2010.

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