'Foul Ball Guy' takes home something else other than a ball

Create: 06/30/2016 - 10:28

Well, you can’t catch them all. Especially if you're the, “Foul Ball Guy”, Zack Hample.

Hample is well known around the baseball world for his numerous trips to varying ballparks in which he manages to take home a bunch of baseballs. This trip however, he took home something else. A bruise to his face.

Hample wore a game-tying home run from Brian McCann off his face. Even more embarrassing? He was wearing a glove. Now, we’ll give you some slack as the ball took a deflection off of a fan who jumped right in front of him, but you still take the loss on this one.

Hample took his frustration out on Twitter, check below to see what he said.

The Yankees managed to comeback in the bottom of the ninth inning, thanks to McCann’s long ball, to defeat the Texas Rangers 9-7. Hample will be back in action as the two teams wrap up their series June 30 at 12:05pm ET

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