Great Pierogie Race ends in dramatic fashion

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Like many major league cathedrals, the Pittsburgh Pirates host a race in between the game for excitement and laughs.

The Great Pierogie Race is a race between innings during the Pirates game that features six contestants racing in giant pierogie costumes: Potato Pete (Blue), Jalapeño Hannah (Green), Cheese Chester (Yellow), Sauerkraut Saul (Red), Oliver Onion (Purple), and Bacon Burt (Orange). On June 22, the Pirates hosted a wrestling night to honor Kurt Angle, Booker T, and Scott Steiner. Let’s just say this race fit right in with the event.

As the race entered the home stretch, Cheese Chester and Bacon Burt were even. As Burt pulled ahead, he turned around to make sure his victory was secure. Burt turned around and performed a textbook “RKO” on Chester. Seems fitting that it just so happened to be wrestling night.

As Burt pulled himself back up, he decided to taunt the other competitors as it seemed he was going to get the victory. Not so fast my friend! WWE Legend, Scott Steiner came out of nowhere and clotheslined Burt. Steiner then proceeded to drop a vicious elbow to put Burt completely away which opened the door for the other pierogies.

Coming in from behind to steal the win was Oliver Onion. The win propelled Onion to the top by giving him a share of the lead with Saul and Hannah each having eight wins.

More excitement from the race can be seen as the Los Angeles Dodgers travel into visit the Pirates for a series from June 24-27.

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