The Omaha Experience

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It is every college player's dream to make it to the College World Series and for this Oklahoma State freshman, it's everything he could want.

Joe Lienhard, a pitcher for the Cowboys and Five Tool alumn, is having the time of his life in Omaha, and the Cowboys' 2-0 hot start only adds to it. Lienhard spoke with Five Tool Showcases and explained that his experience in Omaha has been unbelievable.

"It's really cool to take everything in, from the stadium to the atmosphere to the teams we are playing," Lienhard said. "Each game and event is a new experience to take in and have an appreciation for."

To no one's surprise, Lienhard's favorite part of Omaha thus far is the winning. The Cowboys pulled out victories against UC Santa Barbara and Arizona and are one win away from the CWS final.

"Both were 1-0 ball games so there was a lot of tension and excitement, and we came out on top which is always good," Lienhard said.

Making it to the CWS final would be great, but it is not the final goal for the Cowboys. Lienhard said winning the championship would mean a lot to the team, and the seniors like Donnie Walton and Connor Costello deserve to go out on top. 

Lienhard said the clubhouse attitude is loose and the team is just enjoying their time in Omaha while being able to stay relaxed and not waste too much energy.

"Everyone is having fun and enjoying everything, while at the same time continuing to work hard," Lienhard said. "When we aren't playing, we've had multiple events that go along with the World Series such as going to the children's hospital and having cookouts with our team."

Playing in Omaha is a different world compared to playing in Stillwater, Lienhard said.

"TD Ameritrade makes Allie P. look like a tee-ball field," Lienhard said. "There are so many more fans, but we are lucky to have great support in our first two games here at Omaha. The atmosphere is great though no matter what team the fans are rooting for. They give off great energy and it is fun to play in front of."  


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