Ortiz's one regret on retiring

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Prior to the start of the 2016 MLB season, Boston Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz announced his plans to retire after the 2016 season.

Like Derek Jeter, it's only fitting that Ortiz will receive such a big going away party as he departs from the game he loves. Now, does Ortiz have any regrets? Yes. Here’s why:

“I’m too busy”, Ortiz said in an interview with ESPN Deportes. “ I have too many things to do. I barely have time to do anything."

"Big Papi", despite many rumors, regrets announcing his retirement to the public due to the widespread media attention that is focused on him every day.

"It's very difficult for me," Ortiz said. "If I had even imagined that it would be so difficult, I wouldn't have announced anything. There are too many people I have to pay attention to, and on top of that I have to prepare for a game."

Now, Ortiz does not regret retiring, he only regrets letting the public know. Ortiz has been struggling with foot pain for a while and it seems to be bothering him every step of the way.

"Everything hurts," Ortiz said. "It even hurts to think. Last time I reached second after a double, I almost called for a timeout so they would get me out of the game. I can barely run because my feet hurt so much. I am in severe pain.

To whom we know as “Big Papi”, Ortiz deserves all the celebration he wants due to his amazing career in the big leagues. Although he doesn’t want celebration, he deserves it. Ortiz wishes he could play a few more years, but as we all know, when your body tells you it’s enough, it’s enough.

We can only enjoy the final moments with Ortiz as the 40-year-old slugger continues to dominate the league with his offensive performance.

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