Predicting a 'pitchers only' Home Run Derby

Create: 06/28/2016 - 18:18

Madison Bumgarner recently argued for pitchers to take part in baseball's Home Run Derby and I believe he has a point.

Some pitchers in today's game can rake and I believe the great ones should be able to showcase their talents in their own derby. Because the American League has the DH, a traditional AL vs. NL matchup wouldn't be fair competition. The perfect pitchers only derby would be righties against lefties, two teams of three.

The lefty lineup would be as follows:

C.C. Sabathia- New York Yankees

Sabathia has a career .219 average and a .551 OPS. Sabathia had some struggles at the plate in recent years since signing with the Yankees over five years ago, which dropped his plate appearances. However, he was a decent threat all those years on the Brewers. A big lefty like Sabathia with career numbers like his is a must for this kind of derby.

Clayton Kershaw- Los Angeles Dodgers

Despite having a career .154 average and .370 OPS, Kershaw's slugging has improved in recent years. Thus far in 2016, Kershaw has two doubles and two RBI's with a .193 slugging percentage. Plus, having one of the best pitchers in baseball participate would excite a lot of fans.

Noah Syndergaard- New York Mets

Syndergaard only has a year and a half of MLB expirience under his belt so his career numbers don't tell the whole story. Syndergaard made history in 2016 after hitting two homeruns in one game, the first pitcher to do that since Micah Owings in 2007. This young stud is a must have for a pitchers only derby.

The opposing righty roster would be as follows:

Yovani Gallardo- Baltimore Orioles

Gallardo has a .198 career average but a .556 OPS and 12 career homeruns. Gallardo is a huge power threat as a pitcher with those numbers and would be a dark horse to win a derby like this. Gallardo's prescence would likely put some added pressure on the lefties.

Adam Wainwright- St. Louis Cardinals

Wainwright was also an advocate for pitchers in the normal derby, so as a potential pioneer of this derby he earned his spot on the list. Wainwright's voice isn't the only reason he made the roster, the man can rake. The Cardinal's ace has a .197 career average and a .508 career OPS, not to mention seven career dingers.

Madison Bumgarner- San Fransisco Giants

It's only right to put Bumgarner in the derby seeing as how he is the biggest proponent for it. Bumgarner has nine homeruns in the last two seasons and was recently seen cranking balls out of the park during batting practice. 


I believe when it's all said and done, Bumgarner takes down Syndergaard in the championship. Both guys are great hitters, but I think Bumgarner's experience wins out for him to become the first picher only derby champion.


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