Top 5 Hardest Pitches to Hit in Baseball

Create: 06/27/2016 - 18:29

Baseball is a pitcher's game, so I compiled a list of what I believe are the nastiest pitches in the game today. With so many exceptional pitchers, this wasn't an easy list to create.

Honorable Mention:

Yu Darvish- Slider

Darvish has one of the nastiest sliders in not only today's game, but maybe the history of the game. Darvish would have made this list if he wasn't plagued by injuries in recent years.

Jake Arrieta- Everything

Arrieta is an absolute stud. He has an NL Cy Young Award and two no-hitters under his belt, but I couldn't find a particular pitch that made him stand out. Arrieta's combination of pitches makes him the force he is on the mound.

Max Scherzer- Everything

I found Scherzer to be in the same league as Arrieta, both of these guys are freaks on the mound but fail to have a signature pitch that stands out. Like Arrieta, Scherzer's arsenal as a whole is what makes him such a deadly pitcher.

5. Jose Fernandez- Curveball

Fernandez is one of the best pitchers in the game today and his curveball solidifies his ability. This pitch makes opposing hitters fall backward because of the break and coming in around 85 mph doesn't make it any easier to hit. 

4. Jeury Familia- Sinker

This pitch has got to be one of the nastiest I've ever seen. At 98 mph, Familia's sinker is faster than most pitchers' fastballs. A pitch coming in that fast and drops right off the table is no friend to any hitter.

3. Chris Sale- Slider

If there's anyone to compete with Darvish's slider, it's Sale. Sale's season thus far has him in great postion for the AL Cy Young and his slider is a big reason. Opposing hitters should applaud Sale after he throws this pitch because of how nasty it is.

2. Aroldis Chapman- Fastball

A well-placed fastball is one of the toughest pitches to hit, especially when it comes in at 100-102 mph. Chapman's heater is crazy fast and comes in from the left side, hitters might as well not even step up to the plate.

1. Clayton Kershaw- Curveball

I am more and more amazed every time I see this pitch. It's almost like Mariano Rivera's cutter, even when hitters know it's coming, it's still almost impossile to hit. Kershaw's curve has a devasting drop and freezes hitters like no other pitch in the game. A curveball like this is worthy of the top spot on my list. 


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