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The Pat Rigby MVP award

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It was another sweltering July day in 2014 at Weatherford College. The V Tool Showcase season had concluded, but there was still plenty of activity with Summer baseball. I enjoy going back out to follow up on the teams that have played in our events and also to look at other teams for future events. It was DBAT Bonesio vs. Marucci Williams in the 2014 Diamond Kings World Series. I stumble across Tim Tadlock and congratulate him on making it to Omaha. We exchange small talk as we watch Kyle Muller pitch for DBAT.

What a baseball player looks like

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Ask a professional scout or a D1 recruiting coordinator what they are looking for in a player, and the answer starts with, “6-2+, 185 lbs.+, long and lean frame.” Oh sure, you can have them get around that with skill sets that include 92 MPH velocity, 6.6 60 times or the propensity to hit the ball 450 feet. All of the measurables are sought, projected and discussed to exhaustion in draft rooms and coaches offices on a daily basis. The great thing about baseball is that the “immeasurables” contribute to results on the field as much or more as the previous talked about things.

A champion's mentality

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Ben Leeper

I have been a huge fan of Southlake Carroll right-handed pitcher Ben Leeper since I first saw him at the age of 14. I had gotten wind of the smallish red-headed RHP by word of mouth from some of the Southlake faithful. When I wandered over to Carroll High School to see him for the first time, it didn’t take long for me to verify his prowess. This 5’10” righty was electric. The ball exploded out of his hand, and it was obvious that I should have purchased sight unseen. Over the next few years of coaching against Ben and watching him develop, I got to see a special competitive spirit.

The Recruiting Process

“The Recruiting Process” is an educational program to assist players and parents with the excitement and anxiety associated with college recruiting:

For the Parents:

  • Scholarship availability at each level of college baseball
  • Insight to what College Coaches are looking for
  • How to support and promote your athlete
  • Maintaining perspective in ways to cherish and enjoy watching your athlete play this great game.

For the Players:


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