The Recruiting Process

“The Recruiting Process” is an educational program to assist players and parents with the excitement and anxiety associated with college recruiting:

For the Parents:

  • Scholarship availability at each level of college baseball
  • Insight to what College Coaches are looking for
  • How to support and promote your athlete
  • Maintaining perspective in ways to cherish and enjoy watching your athlete play this great game.

For the Players:

  • Approach to playing in front of College Recruiters and Scouts
  • Contacting Schools of interest
  • Opportunities throughout College Baseball
  • Playing with a “Team” mindset
  • The good and bad of Social Media — “Your Digital Footprint”

“What I do is not a Recruiting Service to guarantee grandeur of full rides to Stud State University. I provide experiences as a player, coach and father to relieve the anxiety of the recruiting process, what it is about, and how to get the most out of the opportunities that are created by the players.” –Lynn Vanlandingham

My background is as a former Division 1 Player, Select Coach and Father. As a coach, I was blessed to coach 2 very talented teams from the graduating classes of 2007 and 2014. The 2007 team had 6 players that went on to play professional baseball, with 4 others that played at the Division 1 level and 3 that played JUCO. The 2014 team has 11 players going to play Division 1 baseball and 3 others headed to Junior College. Each team played at the best venues and in front of hundreds of scouts and college recruiters. I have been further blessed with tremendous relationships with coaches and scouts in High School, College and Professional Baseball. These relationships are the foundation of providing an education to the parents of prospective college baseball players.

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