Saturday, June 10, 2017 (DFW Kickoff)

SportsForce Dudes of the Day


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Will Johnston (C3 Futures Worley): 5IP, 14K, 4H, BB, 0R

Brendan Riley (Cavemen 16U Harvard): 3-4, 2 RBI, R, SB

Canton Long (Dallas Tigers Ahearne): 7IP, 6K, 2H

Steven Preuett (Dallas Tigers 17U Durham): 5IP, 8K, 3H / 2-4, 2 2B, 3 RBI

Matt Bailey (Dallas Tigers Peterson (5IP, 4K, 0H)

Cam Brown (DBAT 15U Tompkins): 6IP, 8K, 3H

Cole Lee (DBI Black Sox Sweeten): 3-4, HR, 3 RBI

Blake Jackson (Frozen Ropes Florence): 3-4, 2B, HR, 2 RBI, 2R

Jared Gibson (Lubbock Raiders 16U): 3IP, 5K / 2-5, HR, 2B, 5 RBI, 2R

Eric Benitez (Marucci Elite 16U Thistlethwaite): 8IP, 11K, 0H, 0BB, 0R

Cooper Coffey (NTX Eagles Elite): 2-2, 2B, great defense at catcher

Coby Langford (Phenom Texas 16U): 7IP, 6K, 2H / 2-2, 2B, RBI

Stephen Keller (Phenom Texas 17U: 2IP, 4K / 1-3, walk-off HR

John Alvey (Premier Baseball Futures 16U Starling): 7IP, 2K, 3H, 0R

Trevor Hatton (Thrive Baseball): 2-3, 2B, 4 RBI

Anna HS

Cavemen 16U Harvard tied Frozen Ropes 16U Martin, 8-8, in Game 1 from Anna High School.  Cavemen's Brendan Riley went 3-4 with two RBI’s, one run scored, and a stolen base.  Riley sparked a clutch three run rally in the bottom of the 7th inning to tie the game and he was named player of the game.  For Frozen Ropes, Jax Alley went 2-3 with a double, one RBI, and one run scored.

In Game 2 from Anna High SchoolAS Sundevils 16U Hayes defeated Marucci Elite Texas 16U Mardirosian, 6-1.  For the Sundevils, Anderson Acinger went 2-3, an RBI, and one run scored.  Acinger was named hitter of the gameRyan Bogusz went 1-3 with a double and three RBI’s. Also to note, Josh Foskey went 1-1 with an RBI, two walks, and one run scored.

DBAT 17U Self narrowly defeated Marucci Elite Texas 17U Lynch, 6-5, in Game 3 from Anna High School. DBAT’s Even Whinery led the offense by going 3-4 with two doubles, one RBI and scored the winning run. Whinery was named player of the game. In an exciting game, Dayne Galligan hit a home run to tie the game in the last inning just before Jon McDuffie hit the game-winning single for DBAT.

In Game 4 from Anna HS, Dallas Tigers Ahearne defeated AS Sundevils Redding, 11-2. On the mound for the Tigers was Canton Long. He threw a complete game striking out six and giving up two hits on his way to player of the game. Hitter of the game was Drake Boggan who went 2-3 with a triple, two runs batted in, one run scored, and one stolen base. He was named hitter of the game. Other notable performances came from Jayton Oldacre (2-4, 2 RBI, 2R), Gideon Ethridge (3-4) and Hayden Shipley (2-3).

Argyle HS

In Game 1 from Argyle High SchoolTexas Phenom 17U Gatewood defeated Dallas Tigers Hernandez, 2-1.  For Texas Phenom, Stephen Keller threw two innings, struck out four, and secured the win at the plate with a clutch walk-off home run.  Keller was named player of the game.  Also to note, Texas Phenom’s Bo Whittaker went 1-2 with a double, a walk, and one run scored.

John Paul II

In Game 1 from John Paul IIRound Rock Express 16U defeated Dallas Tigers, 9-3.  Round Rock’s Carlos Contreras went 2-4 with one double, two RBI’s, one run scored, and a stolen base.  Contreras was named the hitter of the game. The Round Rock pitching staff allowed only one hit throughout the game and was led by their starter, Cole Alexander.  Alexander threw three innings, struck out five, and was named pitcher of the game.

DBAT 15U Tompkins defeated Premier Baseball Futures 16U Auippa, 5-0, in Game 2 at John Paul IICam Brown pitched six innings giving up three hits, zero runs and striking out eight for DBAT.  Brown was named player of the game. Other impressive players included DBAT's River Ridings (3-3 with an RBI) and Martin Rodriguez (1-3 with two runs scored and three stolen bases).

In Game 3 at John Paul IIDallas Tigers 16U Peterson narrowly defeated Dynasty Black 16U, 3-2. Dallas’ Matt Bailey pitched five innings with four strikeouts, zero earned runs, and zero hits on his way to being named player of the game. Dynasty’s Alex Medrano was also impressive on the mound. Medrano pitched six innings with four strikeouts and only giving up one earned run.

In Game 4 from John Paul II, Thrive Basball defeated Cajun Cayenne Baseball, 10-0. Player of the game was Trevor Hatton who went 2-3 with one double and four runs batted in. Pitcher of the game was Cole Reves who threw five innings and struck out six. Also to note, D'shawn Webster went 2-3 with two runs batted in.

Craig Ranch 7

Marucci Elite Texas 17U Dunn defeated DBAT 17U Gowins, 5-2, in Game 1 at Craig Ranch #7. Gavin Machado went 1-2 with a home run, two RBI’s, and two runs scored for Marucci. Jackson Lofton went 2-2 with two singles and two RBI’s. Both Machado and Lofton were named hitters of the game. And on the mound for Marucci, Matthew Dillard threw five innings striking out five. He allowed just three hits and zero runs on his way to player of the game.

In Game 2 from Craig Ranch 7Premier Baseball Futures 17U Evans defeated Hit King Baseball Academy, 5-2. Premier’s Owen Meany went 1-1 with a home run, two RBI’s, and two runs scored. Meany was named player of the game. Also to note, Drevian Nelson went 2-2 with a home run (see below), a single, two RBI’s, and on run scored.

Phenom Texas 16U beat NTX Dirtbags 16U, 5-0, in Game 3 from Craig Ranch 7. It was the Coby Langford show as the Phenom star went 2-2 with a double and one RBI at the plate. On the mound, he threw a complete game two-hitting striking out six with two walks. Langford was named player of the game.

In Game 4 from Craig Ranch 7, NTX Eagles Elite 16U defeated DBI Black Sox Sweeten, 8-7. Cooper Coffey went 2-2 with a double and showed off a strong arm behind home plate. He was named player of the game. Also to note, DBI's Cole Lee went 3-4 with a home run, three runs batted in and one run scored.

Craig Ranch 8

DBAT 16U Downs defeated Hunter Pence 16U Cunningham, 4-1, in Game 1 from Craig Ranch 8Rece Gustafson threw three innings striking out two and didn’t allow any earned runs or hits.  Gustafson was named player of the game.

Round Rock Express 17U Puffer beat C3 Futures 17U Capps, 9-0, in Game 2 at Craig Ranch 8. Round Rock's Jacob Wilk went 2-3 with three RBI’s. Wilk was named player of the game. On the mound for Round Rock, Mason Montgomery, Matthew McMillan, Garret Phillips, and Cameron Johnson threw for a combined five strikeouts and only allowed one hit in seven innings. 

In Game 3 from Craig Ranch 8, Marucci Elite 16U Thistlethwaite's Eric Benitez and Premier Baseball Futures 16U Starling's John Alvey got after it in a battle of the pitchers as these two teams left the field tied 0-0 after eight innings. Benitez threw all eight innings with a perfect stat line: zero hits, zero walks, zero earned runs and 11 strikeouts. He had a no-hitter instead of a perfect game due to an error in the first inning. His counterpart, Alvey, threw seven innings giving up three hits and striking out two. He walked one batter with no earned runs allowed. Check them both out talking about their performances below. Needless to say, both were named players of the game.

Texas Oilers 16U Hamblin defeated OFI Baseball Academy 16U, 9-3, in Game 4 from Craig Ranch 8. On his birthday, Devin Francois went 2-3 with one RBI. He also had two great catches in right field. For his outstanding play, Francois was named player of the game. Check him out in the video below.

Craig Ranch 9

In Game 1 at Craig Ranch 9Midland Baseball Academy 16U defeated Diamond Prospects 16U, 7-1. For Midland, Nicholas Grantham went 1-1 with two RBI’s, one run scored and was named hitter of the gameErik Reyes threw 4.2 innings striking out three, giving up only one hit and zero earned runs. Reyes was named player of the game.

Dallas Mustangs 16U Kervin knocked off Marucci Elite Texas 15U Biggers, 8-6, in Game 2 at Craig Ranch 9.  Dallas’ Jordan Beminio looked very impressive by going 2-3 with a double, two RBI’s, two runs scored, and one walk. Beminio was named player of the game.

In Game 3 from Craig Ranch 9, Dallas Tigers 17U Durham defeated Futures Athletic Stix 17U, 6-1. Player of the game was Steven Preuett who went 2-4 with two doubles, three runs batted in and one run scored. On the mound, he threw five innings striking out eight with three hits given up. Also to note, Jacob Smith came in for relief and tossed two one-hit innings and struck out four.

Craig Ranch 10

Lubbock Raiders 16U defeated Woodlands Premier 15U, 13-4, in Game 1 from Craig Ranch 10. Lubbock's offensive attack was led by Jared Gibson, going 2-4 with a home run, a double, five RBI’s, and two runs scored. Gibson also pitched three innings with five strikeouts. He was named player of the game. Other impressive players included Lubbock's Landry Watson (3-4 with two doubles and three RBI’s) and Cameron Stephenson (3-4 with two doubles and two runs scored).

Frozen Ropes 16U Florence defeated Marucci Elite Texas 15U Carroll, 7-0, in Game 2 from Craig Ranch 10Blake Jackson went 3-4 with a double, a home run, two RBI’s, and two runs scored for Frozen Ropes. Jackson was named player of the game. Also, Nick Vernars had a good game by going 1-2 with a home run and two RBI’s. On the mound, the Frozen Ropes pitching staffed combined for a one-hitter with nine strikeouts.

In Game 3 from Craig Ranch 10, Texas Stix 16U defeated Clutch Athletics 15U, 5-4. Marco Facundo went 2-4 with one RBI and one run scored on his way to player of the game. Check him out talking about his game in the video embedded below. On the mound for Clutch was J Fitzpatrick. He threw 4.1 innings in relief giving up one run. He struck out four batters and was named pitcher of the game.

It was the Will Johnston show as the Texas A&M commit struck out 14 batters in five innings of work in a 6-1 victory for C3 Futures Worley over NTX Longhorns 15U Boddie. In Game 4 from Craig Ranch 10, Johnston was really feeling it on the mound as he explains in the video below. Johnston did give up four hits, but his ridiculous strikeout percentage and the win easily helped him pick up player of the game. On the flipside, Longhorns' Dalton Beck got three of those four hits as he went 3-3 with one run scored. Beck was named hitter of the game.