2016 MLB All-Star Game Prediction

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With the 2016 MLB All-Star Game being held Tuesday, July 12, fans will be in for a good one as the star studded lineups will look to bring bragging rights back to their league. The starting lineups have recently been released and now I will break down my prediction for the game.

Here’s the American League Lineup.

Chris Sale (14-3, 3.38 ERA) has just been given the starting pitcher role for the American League. On the opposing team, here is the National League Lineup.

Johnny Cueto (13-1, 2.47 ERA) was awarded the starting job recently for the National League. Here’s my prediction for the game.

The American League is stacked with speed and ability to reach base. From Altuve, Trout, Betts, Bradley Jr., and Bogaerts, the speed will play a big role when on the base paths. An even distribution of power along the way from Perez, Ortiz, Hosmer, and Machado will be game-changing if they can come through with runners on base. However, the National League is stacked as well, but may have some concerns. The Cubs infield (Rizzo, Zobrist, Russell, Bryant) are ranked 22nd in the league in fielding percentage which can be a problem with the speed on the opposition. The National League does have power and that can keep them close in the game. Myers, Harper, Ozuna, CarGo, Rizzo, and Bryant can all change the game with one swing so it’s tough to count them out.

Prediction: American League 7, National League 5

The explosive and balanced offense will be too much for the National League. Sale will continue his dominant ways on the mound and will be too much for the All-Stars of the National League. The long ball will keep the National League in the game, but the American League's ability to produce runs will be the decision maker. A big performance in his final All-Star Game will reward “Big Papi” with the All-Star Game MVP.

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