All-Star Game uniforms silence the critics

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This year's All-Star Game held in San Diego, California was one of the most memorable events in the years. From the friendly venue of Petco Park, to Giancarlo Stanton showing all of his true power, to even the final All-Star Game for the legendary Red Sox slugger David Ortiz.

Many things came into place to make this event eye catching and spectacular. One of the things that was most enjoyable was the design of the batting practice uniforms. The Padres decided to mix things up by giving fans a retro themed uniform. The uniform was inspired by the uniforms worn by the Padres in the 80’s. This proved to be a success as the uniform was the highest selling jersey in history of the All-Star Game. The designer of the uniform, MLB VP of Consumer Products Adam Blinderman gave his thoughts on the outcome.

"We candidly didn't think sales would be like this," said Adam Blinderman, "We look at the market, the fan base and how a team is playing, and we thought San Diego would sell like Cincinnati did last year."

The brown and gold concept attracted the eye of many fans as well as the same themed hat which featured the team's name and logo in the color scheme. The sells from the hats doubled the sales from last years game in Cincinnati.

"The brown and gold was embraced by people in San Diego, as well as visiting fans, as evidenced by the popularity of the batting practice cap, which had those colors with the different team logos," Blinderman said.

The highest selling jersey was San Diego’s own Wil Myers. In fact, the jersey was so popular that MLB executives needed to carry extra No. 4’s in their suitcase to make more jerseys.

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