Back, Back, Back, Gian!

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Last night, July 11, the MLB held its annual Home Run Derby presented by T-Mobile in part of the festivities for the All-Star break. This year the fans were not let down as the participants gave it all in hopes to win the competition.

Giancarlo Stanton put on a show like no other. Fans have seen him hit towering moonshots during the regular season and last night was no different. Stanton gave fans a true treat with a spectacular performance from the start.

Stanton started the competition off with 24 home runs. All in just five minutes! Robinson Cano was out from the start as he couldn't even come close to the mark set by Stanton. Stanton then went -on to defeat Mark Trumbo in the semifinals 17-14. In the finals, Stanton defeated the 2015 champion Todd Frazier by a score of 20-13, but as fans who were watching know, this was expected from the recent rounds by the Marlins slugger.

The recent record for most home runs in a Home Run Derby was 41, set by Bobby Abreu in 2005. Well, Stanton decided that that record should have a new name as the holder. Stanton put up…

Yes, 61! Shattering the record by 20 home runs. Stanton had 18 of the 19 longest home runs hit in the tournament. His long balls were estimated to travel over 5 miles in distance.

After the remarkable performance last night, the fans may be shaking their heads for NOT voting Stanton into the All-Star Game as the slugger will have to watch the game from the stands.

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