Ballgirl stunned by ballboy

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During the T-Mobile Home Run Derby last night July 11, the ballboys and ballgirls became a trending topic on Twitter.

Now usually it’s from jealous fans who complain when a 5-year old can’t catch an easy fly ball or if a kid keeps taking the balls away from everyone else, but last night may have drawn some attention from some NFL fans.

Take a look!

Well, we all know some NFL teams could use a player with that ferocious hit. The only problem, he completely trucked a little girl.

You can only feel sorry for the girl as in reality, she had no chance of stopping that boy from catching the ball. The girl was hit harder than Giancarlo Stanton had hit some of his long balls.

The girl was alright, but now they know why coaches teach people from a young age to call the ball when in the outfield to avoid collisions like that.

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