Billy Hamilton Shows His Speed

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Billy Hamilton was able to keep the fireworks coming even after the Fourth of July ended.

The Reds' centerfielder wowed fans at Wrigley Field when he scored from second on a passed ball Tuesday afternoon. The lightning-quick Hamilton proved he is one of the fastest guys in the majors after a feat like this.

Check out Hamilton's cheetah-like speed in the link below.



I mean this is a truly remarkable play from Hamilton. People could almost see smoke coming off his cleats because the man ran so fast. At his top speed, he could have given a mongoose or cheetah an exremely close race. It's almost unfair opposing teams have to worry about a man with speed like this not only on the basepaths, but in the field as well. Players probably pray they don't hit it to center because Hamilton can run down almost any fly ball and make it look like he's jogging. 

Hopefully there are still spots left in the Olympics because America needs to send Hamilton to Rio.


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