Hamels' wild day

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Fans who tuned into last night's MLB All-Star Game on Tuesday July, 12 saw something that made people question Texas Rangers ace Cole Hamels. Here’s what I’m talking about.

No, Hamels did not cut himself shaving. In fact, getting a cut on his chin may have been the safest outcome from his injury. Hamels had a gash in his chin from tripping while walking out of his hotel bathroom. The cut required eight stitches to close the wound. Seems like deja-vu as his teamate Derek Holland suffered a serious knee injury last year as he tripped over his dog.

Hamels’ wild day didn’t stop there. As he arrived at the stadium, Hamels was forced to wait an extra 30 minutes as he entered the wrong entrance. The hometown kid didn’t let the day bother him as he threw a scoreless third inning for the American League All-Stars.

The American League would hold on to defeat the National League, 4-2.

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