The Love of the Game

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Baseball has an ability to bring people to tears, and that's exactly what it did for this little leaguer.

A kid was upset with his dad because he thought his dad forgot his birthday. However, all was forgiven when the kid found a surprise his dad had for him in the trunk of the car. For any baseball fan, watching this video is like watching The Notebook. 

Grab a box of tissues and check out this heart-warming video in the link below.

No, your allergies aren't acting up, those are real tears. Anyone who has played baseball knows what a great feeling it is to get new equipment, but to do it in the way this dad did would make even the toughest guy cry. A simple gift made this kid go from hate to love in a second, and that's one of the beautiful things about baseball.

A player can love the game one day and hate it the next, but this day was all about love. The kid in the video truly did "let the world see" how powerful the love for the game can be. the kid probably wanted nothing more for his birthday than this bat. When he finally held it in his hands, both he and his father, just like the rest of us, were moved to tears.

There is no chance there is a happier kid at the ballpark than the one in this video.

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