A New Kind of Home Run Derby

Create: 07/20/2016 - 17:17

A summer college baseball league in Minnesota made a splash with its innovative Home Run Derby.

The Northwoods League held a Home Run Derby during its All-Star break just like the MLB does, but there was one slight difference. Instead of hitting balls out of a park, players hit balls into Lake Michigan. 

Check out some of the highlights in the tweet below.



This league may not have the star power the MLB does, but in comparison of derbies, the Northwoods League certainly wins. It has to be an absolute blast to compete in a derby on the lake.

I would rather celebrate a victory with jumping in water as opposed to having to take pictures while sweating like crazy. This is awesome even from a fan's perspective. They get to watch dudes hit dingers while sitting in kayaks or boats instead of boring, hard stadium seats.  

The MLB should look into something like this, there is the bay in San Francisco after all.  

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