New Team, Same Heat

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Aroldis Chapman didn't lose any juice on his fastball after being traded to the Cubs.

In his frist outing with his new team, Chapman did what he does best: throw absolute heat. Chapman threw 13 100+ pitches in his first appearance with the Cubs. Before Chapman took the mound, the Cubs had only thrown 12 100+ mph pitches since 2008.

Check out Chapman's heater in the link below.

Chaman has the fastest recorded pitch in MLB history, and his heater is why the Cubs wanted him so bad. The Cubs are hopeful his crazy fastball can stop the struggles the bullpen has been having lately. If Chapman can keep pumping the fastball like he did in his first outing, the bullpen problems will be over quickly. 

This heater may be the final puzzle piece for the Cubs to end the 100+ year World Series drought.

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