Red Sox Prospect Hits 105

Create: 07/15/2016 - 13:13

Rarely do people hear about minor leaguers making history, but that's exactly what happened Wednesday.

Red Sox righthander and Five Tool alumn Michael Kopech threw one of the fastest pitches in baseball history during his start for high Class A Salem. The kid who normally sits at 95-97 threw a 105 mph fastball in his first home start.

Check out more details about Kopech's pitch and start in the link below.



Kopech hasn't even had a major league appearance, but he has already joined the likes of closer Aroldis Chapman, who has made throwing a 100 mph fastball look routine. The jump from an 80 mph fastball to a 90 mph one is already crazy in itself, so the jump from 90-100 let alone 105 has to be down right ridiculous. The 105 mph pitch put an exclamation point on an already impressive outing as Kopech allowed only four hits in five innings of work and struck out eight. 

Hopefully the dude keeps eating his Wheaties and we see him and his fastball in the majors sometime soon. 

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