Roger Clemens Making a Return to Baseball

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Roger Clemens is set to make a return to baseball at the age of 53 and is joined by some familiar faces.

A collection of former MLB players put together by Adam LaRoche and Nate Robertson will compete at the National Baseball Congress World Series held in Witchita, Kan. This tournament is typically meant for summer college baseball teams, but now the young kids have to face old guys wanting another shot at glory. Alongside Clemens, notable team members include Tim Hudson, Roy Oswalt, Rick Ankiel, Ben Sheets and more.

You can read more about the team and check out the full roster in the link below

This tournament is like the movie The Benchwarmers come to life. The only differences are there is no billionaire promising a new stadium to the winning team and Reggie Jackson probably doesn't need to come in to teach these guys to play baseball. The team itself, however, couldn't be more random. I haven't seen a roster this random since Rick Vaughn joined forces with Jake Taylor in Major League.

I'm surprised more sluggers didn't make their way onto this roster. I feel guys like Frank Thomas, Jim Thome, Ken Griffey Jr. and Rafael Palmiero would have the time of their lives on a team like this. I can understand if they didn't want to waste their time or risk injury in a tournament like this, but if those kind of guys weren't contacted, then that's a mistake. Despite the lack of power hitters, this is still a fun roster to watch.

It would be truly amazing if this team of old guys came out of the tournament with a trophy.

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