Top 5 Hitters of the Past Decade

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With all the young hitting talent in the MLB today, I thought I'd give the "old guys" a shout out. I've compiled, to the best of my ability, a list of the top five hitters of the past decade. 

Honorable Mention:

Mike Trout- Los Angeles Angels

Honestly, Trout would've made this list if he wasn't so young. The kid has a career .305 average with 158 homers in only five and a half seasons in the majors. The former AL MVP will definitely be on this list in a few years.

Andrew McCutchen- Pittsburgh Pirates

McCutchen was close to being on this list, but playing less than a decade in the league, I can't put him on the list in good conscience.

McCutchen has a .293 average, 166 homers and a .489 slugging percentage in his seven and a half seasons in the majors. Like Torut, McCutchen will be on the list in the near future.

Joey Votto- Cincinnati Reds

It's easy to forget about Votto with how little success the Reds have had, but this dude was close to cracking the top five. Since he debuted in 2007, his bat hasn't cooled down.

Votto has a .308 average, .531 slugging percentage and 210 homers in his time in the majors. Even though he couldn't make my list, his hitting ability is not to be over looked.

5. David Ortiz- Boston Red Sox


No, this isn't a sympathy thing because Ortiz is retiring after this year. Ortiz has been a force at the plate in the past decade. Ortiz has hit below .261 only once in the past decade and has been cranking homers consistently.

He has 351 long balls in the past decade, highlited by a 54 homerun season in 2006. Ortiz is not just one of the best hitters in the past ten years, but in the history of the game.

4. Ichiro- Miami Marlins


Ichiro was never a power hitter, but no chance that would keep him off my list. Earlier this year, he broke Pete Rose's career hits record, counting his hits from Japan. He is also on the doorstep of history being just a few hits shy of 3,000 in the majors.

Ichiro has always been a constant threat to get on base, especially in the past decade. He has hit below .260 only once and above .350 twice since 2006. 

3. Robinson Cano- Seattle Mariners


Cano has one of the sweetest swings in the game today and it certainly shows on his stat sheet. The dude has hit below .300 one time in the past ten years along with 247 homeruns.

Cano is also looking like a candidate to join the 3,000 hit club before he retires. He already has over 2,100 and is on pretty good pace to break the milestone if he keeps being consistent.

2. Albert Pujols- Los Angeles Angels 


It seems this guy has been a force at the plate since I knew what professional baseball was. Pujols has hit .301 in the past decade and has 367 dingers in the same time span, not to mention a couple World Series rings. The no-doubt Hall of Fame player was a lock to make this list. 

1. Miguel Cabrera- Detroit Tigers

This dude has been a maniac since he stepped foot in a batter's box. In the past decade, he has put up insane numbers. His lowest average in the time span was .292 and he has hit 416 of his 511 career homers.

In 2012, Cabrera became the first player since 1967 to win the AL Triple Crown. The crazy part is that wasn't his best season, even in the past deacde. His best statistical season came in 2011 when he hit .344 with 48 homers and 105 RBIs. Cabrera truly is the gold stantard when it comes to hitting a baseball.  



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